The following are the individual courses required for this diploma.

AN - Allergies & Nutrition

This course covers natural control and conquer of allergies, as well as liver, pancreas, and gallbladder functioning.  It includes the understanding of allergens and their effects on the immune system, as well as, nutrients for permanent allergy relief and ways to build optimum immune health.

Basic AnatomyBA - Basic Anatomy

This course is a detailed study of how the human body works, with special focus on the digestive system.

Emphasis is placed on understanding how important systems in the body interact in controlling function.

BM - Body-Mind Nutrition

Biochemical disturbances contribute to psychological disturbances.  Nutritional imbalances and how they affect mental functioning.Basic Nutrition Food Supplements

BNF - Basic Nutrition & Food Supplements
(24 contact hours)

Learn the basics of nutrition, and how to eat well for optimum health and the prevention of disease.  Learn about common causes of illness - how to expose the real or hidden cause.

Study biochemical individuality and treatment of the individual as a whole, rather than the disease.  Learn the importance of vitamin, mineral and natural food supplements with a recommended food supplement program.

DG - Dietary Guidelines & Water

A comprehensive breakdown of nutritional do's and don'ts is covered in this course.  Students will learn about the optimum diet and how to customize special diets for specific conditions.

The importance of water is also discussed, as well as, the best type of water to consume.

DN - Digestion & Nutrition

This digestive system study includes psychological factors, food combining, digestive enzymes, lactic bacteria, fiber, and nutritional treatment for indigestion, heartburn, malabsorption, ulcers, gallstones, diarrhea and constipation.Male Issues & Nutrition

MN - Male Issues & Nutrition

This course is a study of many of the current complaints experienced by males: male pattern baldness, prostate issues, bladder weakness and much more, with its correlating nutrient deficiencies.

NC - Nutritional Cardiology

This is a study of factors contributing to arteriosclerosis, the cholesterol myth and a nutritional program to prevent and reverse ischemic heart disease and related conditions.

NC - Nutritional Case Studies

Students will assess five people they know and obtain hands-on experience.  They will perform a complete nutritional assessment.

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