(40 contact hours)


Analysis & Application in Quantum Healing

  • Bio-field studies
  • Latest environmental developments & the 5th element
  • Analysis of liquids, blood, urine
  • Industrial applications - employees responses in adverse environments
  • Agricultural applications - organic versus chemically laden foods - seeds analysis for high level of germination
  • Research projects by students
  • Shapes, forms, geometry, in healing - evaluate the effects on the energy field
  • In-depth study of required readings
  • Structural peculiarities of water, Vladimir Voekov's work
  • Study of homeopathy, dousing effects


Human Energy Field Practitioner Dr. Korotkov's book is a comprehensive guide to understanding human energy field measures and the interpretations.  This volume presents a wide range of articles by authors from different countries.   Research by independent groups around the world demonstrates that the GDV technique provides methods for recording subtle dynamics in the energy fields of objects with various natures.

This book is required reading material for the HEFP Module 3 course and not included in the course fee.

Backbone Publishing Company (2004)
278-page hardcover book (7.5" x 10")
ISBN 0-9742019-1-X
$60.00 each

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