(20 contact hours)

Kinesiology Level 2 and Touch for Health Level 2 TFH Level 2 explores another 14 muscles, 6 more pain releasing techniques and dynamic energy techniques to achieve personal goals.  These include more efficient energy balancing using 'The Wheel' of Health in Oriental Medicine, and The Law of Five Elements.

Also covered is food and sensitivity testing, identifying beneficial, neutral or detrimental substances and individualizing supplements. Techniques will be taught in balancing allergies.

Learn simple techniques including spindle cell/golgi tendon for strained, spasmed or injured muscles.  Learn to understand and use acupressure holding points, as well as, emotional release technique for future performance.

Kinesiology Two also includes a lecture on:

  • Power vs. force (David Hawkins) and calibration
  • Reprogramming your immune system
  • Balancing the burnout syndrome, and
  • Energy fields of language and thoughts.

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