Upon completion of Touch for Health Levels 1 to 4 inclusive, students are eligible for the Practitioner's examination that includes both an oral and written exam leading to a Certified Touch For Health Practitioner Certificate from CanASK.

IEWS teaches both an introductory kinesiology program along with the four levels of TFH.
In other words, students are learning much more in these Touch for Health classes - thus the extended hours for each level.

(24 contact hours)

Kinesiology One includes the Touch for Health System and much more.  This is a rich course with many energy techniques used in kinesiology.  The Touch for Health (TFH) System uses kinesiology (muscle bio-feedback) integrating ancient principles of acupuncture (without needles) with touch and massage.  This system can help anyone improve their wellbeing and reduce both physical and mental pain and tension.  In Kinesiology One with TFH, your muscles become monitors of stress and detectors of imbalances in your body.

This introductory course begins with the basics of Touch for Health (TFH) for both lay-people and professionals.  Learn the basics of muscle testing, how to test the 14 muscles and correct with corresponding massage points, meridians and more.

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