Brain Gym

Did you know that you have a left and a right part to your brain, and your body is the third part?

If you're , you think very logically using small bits and pieces of information to form your conclusions.  You're very punctual.  Everything you do has a purpose.  You like to do things in order, step by step.  You enjoy doing calculations in your mind.  You're comfortable with words.  You judge everything.  You remember names, but forget faces.  You work in terms of goals.

If you're , you see the wholeness of a situation.  You think in pictures rather than words, use and respond to colours and shapes.  You're very intuitive and do well following your instincts.  Punctuality is not important to you.  You recognize faces easily and have difficulty remembering names.  You receive information without judgment.

In Edu-K or Brain Gym, the mind, body, and spirit are thought of as one which allows work with the wholeness of your personality.  What occurs in your mind also occurs in your body's muscles, and visa versa.

You're centered and grounded if you function with your whole brain.  You'll be freely spontaneous and easily express yourself creatively.  You'll be able to fully focus and attend to a task.  You'll do your best.

Edu-K or Brain Gym was created by Dr. Paul Dennison PH.D after fifteen years of research.  He designed a brilliant system that's a synthesis of applied kinesiology, left-right brain research, acupressure, developmental optometry and neuro-linguistics.

Brain Gym has been used by more than 25,000 adults and children worldwide.  Since 1990, its been selected

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