Course Competencies



The modalities taught at the Institute of Energy Wellness Studies (IEWS) are invaluable both to the General Public seeking increased natural wellness, and to Wellness Professionals seeking specialized training.

Integrated MD'S, ND's, physiotherapists, psychotherapists, holistic nutritionists, chiropractors and nurses are only some of the healthcare professionals that find the modalities taught at IEWS to be powerful tools for revealing the true nature of core imbalances - discovering lasting healing at body-mind-spirit levels.

Those that are seeking a career change as well as the general public seeking knowledge and skills for personal, friends and family use are also invited to apply.

The selected modalities studied at IEWS can offer graduates the foundation to increased wellness for themselves personally.  The modalities at IEWS definitely provide the foundation to embark on a new career, work in a multi-disciplinary clinic, provide lectures, market energy medicine and nutritional products, work or own a health food store, practice in natural health resorts, therapeutic spas, journalism, teaching or manifesting new business ventures to live a life of creation and joy!

Raise the bar of your expectations in energy/matter interplay and welcome the life of "effortless flow".

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