Course Expectations


The Integrated Aroma Sciences Practitioner course is open to both licensed or Certified natural health, integrative and allopathic healthcare professionals as well as all interested General Public.

The student practitioner must complete each level of the program and all required course work to pass and move to the next level. A student is required to obtain the recommended Young Living essential oils for class & practical use or work in a clinic, organization or business that uses this line of oils. The therapeutic uses and effects of any other essential oil product line are not guaranteed to have the same effect in rejuvenation; nor can they be taken internally.

This program must be completed in 6-8 months and can be completed much sooner.

The time between IASP MODULES, students are required to:

Complete the required case studies to be handed into IEWS as directed by the program requirements

Complete required readings and assignments as outlined by instructor and submitted to IEWS as required

Write a final exam via online with questions sent to student on the course material as well as research projects or treatise

Complete required practicum as a hands-on portion in regards to techniques such as VitaFlex, etc.

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