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The IEWS offers a distinct aromatic program unlike any other in North America or the world. Most or perhaps all the aromatic schools in North America are based on the British system of application of essential oils. This has become the world standard for the use of Aromatherapy. It primarily teaches the use of essential oils through massage or topical uses only. The British system also teaches the importance of diluting the oils with carrier oils.

Instead, IEWS primarily teaches the French system in the application of essential oils. This includes two major procedures unlike the British system:

1. The oral application of essential oils and

2. The direct topical use of the oils without carrier oils. Obviously this can only be achieved with organic, therapeutic grade *AFNOR standard essential oils and knowledge of application.

*AFNOR – IEWS has chosen oils that meet the international standards for therapeutic – grade essential oils: there are generally two standards that are recognized at a world level & referred to most often: ISO and AFNOR.

ISO – International Standards Organization

AFNOR – Association French Normalization Organization Regulation

The AFNOR standards state the percentage of certain chemical constituents that must be present for an essential oil to be considered therapeutic grade. In order to gain the AFNOR stamp approval, the oils must be tested by the French laboratories. A third standard considered to be the “gold standard” now for essential oils is the EC – European Community – Standard.

3.  IEWS has chosen a top quality company with impeccable standards in order to adhere to the internal and neat application of essential oils. This company is world recognized for its therapeutic AFNOR and EC standards, hence our choice to use Young Living essential oils.

IEWS also incorporates the British and the German systems hence the word “Integrated” in its title “Integrated Aromatic Sciences”.

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