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The Institute of Energy Wellness Studies was established in 2005 to meet the growing need in the use of therapeutic Grade oils as used in the French system along with other energy system disciplines.

The Institute of Energy Wellness Studies (IEWS) Online Education Branch is open to students WORLDWIDE for Essential Oils Sciences training.

IEWS is a federally chartered private institution accredited by Human Resources and Social Development Canada and online courses are available to worldwide students.

As a federal approved program IEWS offers students CEU’s and full taxation benefits in Canada.  For other countries please check with your own country's guidelines regarding taxation.

IEWS is proudly accredited by the Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners (CEBHCP). Our diploma programs have met the CEBHCP’s stringent standards for its legal designations.

The CEBHCP has also created a new designation—Certified Integrated Aromatic Sciences Practitioner (IASP-C) and the Registered Integrated Aromatic Sciences Practitioner Diploma (IASP-R).
These programs meet with the French system of application of essential oils.

Furthermore IEWS is:

  • Acknowledged as the first school to offer essential oils as aromatic sciences in North America  
  • IEWS was the first official institute to receive an endorsement from Dr. Gary Young- Founder/owner of Young Living and Developer of world essential oil standards and treatment protocols.


Dr. Gary Young gave IEWS a magnificent endorsement about their Aromatic Program at a Health Expo in Toronto, April 1-2, 2006

 “Folks save your money……I want to commend  these folks—Sabina and Geoff—(Director and Co-Director of the school) for what they have created and for what they are doing in North America, period! That is for putting together the first accredited school program that will be teaching aromatic practitioners and giving you a certificate that is backed by your Federal (Canadian) government (registered as a private recognized education institution by Human Resources and Social Development Canada)


And they are teaching Gary’s method. Techniques that I have taught them will be the techniques taught in their school … I thank the Directors of the School for the honor (of being the senior advisor for their school) to participate in a small way for this school.

Sabina (Dr. Sabina DeVita—Founder/Director of IEWS) has a desire to do it the right way. That is what she has done ... It’s the First federally Accredited aromatherapy program – teaching all 3 systems—French, British and German (that has been taught by Gary Young over 15 years) except we’re not calling it that – we’re calling it aromatic sciences – in North America”.


Dr. Daniel Penoel a French medical doctor who has practiced aromatic medicine for over 20 years points out how we can go further when using essential oils in their concentrated form both externally and internally.


IEWS utilizes therapeutic grade essential oils with organic certification so as to utilize the French application of the oils.

IEWS is pleased to offer the integration of the French, British and German systems in their course programs.




We offer a unique Diploma Program

Diploma in Integrated Aromatic Sciences Practitioner

This Program encompasses the use of organic therapeutic essential oils, Raindrop, Vita Flex technique, auriculars and other related therapies to enhance wellness and promote deep relaxation. It is the first program of its kind that offers the integrated uses of essential oils for physical and mental health and body care that goes beyond ‘clinical aromatherapy’. This program is related to Aromatherapy but integrates much more in additional advanced therapeutic methods to deliver a more comprehensives effect.

Future Diploma Courses

Diploma in Nutrient Health Sciences Practitioner
Diploma in Certified Kinesiology Practitioner
Diploma in Human Energy Field Practitioner



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