The Institute offers formal and informal class studies.  IEWS combines the latest scientific research in natural and energy medicine with ageless wisdom and knowledge practiced in ancient times.

Your interest in a natural approach to wellness is vital to humanity and to environmental sustainability.  Our aim is to provide quality education in these health-related therapies.  Our institute has been created to provide you with a most enjoyable and beneficial learning environment with caring and knowledgeable instructors.

Why is IEWS Unique?

  • Classes are kept small (maximum of 15-20 students) to ensure maximum interactive and hands-on learning.
  • Individual learning needs are tailored for each student.
  • Clinic days are available at the school to support practice and case studies along with our Day Spa facilities.
  • Training is provided by qualified Registered Instructors who are successful and recognized in their field.


Methods of Instruction

There are three levels of training formats for all students and professional programs:

  • Basic Nutritional/Aromatic
  • Therapeutic Modalities
  • Clinical Residencies & Case Studies


During the course of study you'll receive:

  • Theory instruction
  • Classroom instruction/ guided demonstration
  • Practice and clinical experience while under the supervision of a licensed instructor
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