What Students Say...

...about our Integrated Aromatic Sciences PractitionerTM Program (IASP)

“More than ever expected – Great courses, Great teachers, Great work, Great growing, Great Enlightenment!” – Monica Toedter, Paramedic, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

“We are so blessed to have Dr. DeVita and her eternal knowledge that she brings to enlighten her teaching . . . and to the starting of her school.” – Joan Mailing, Massage Therapist, Brantford, Ontario, Canada


What Students Say...

...About Aromatic Therapy 1: General Theory & Chemistry of Essential Oils

Taught by: Hon. Dr. Sabina DeVita , Ed.D, R.N.C.P., OSJ, CBP, D.N.M.

“What I appreciated most was the presence and expertise of the instructors, their willingness to address questions and give explanations based on their experience and knowledge.  We were clearly in the presence of gifted, committed, passionate and highly educated instructors.  I will continue to process and integrate this learning for a long time and I know this will improve my work right away!“ – Ben Perkus Ph.D., Birmingham, New York, USA

“The entire program was wonderful; each component was very valuable.  Anything to do with oils, how and why they work, and applications, was covered, which was the whole thing.” – Joanne Pearce, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

“It met all my needs and more.  I want to thank you for this opportunity to learn from such masters.” – Jason Quitt, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Everything–the ease of learning chemistry – in a way that lets you picture it in your mind.” – Donald Harner, Lansing, New York, USA

“ The approach to teaching chemistry is wonderful.  The experiential learning really helped to consolidate and deepen the process.” – Dr. Lucille Necas MD., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“I liked the atmosphere created by Dr. DeVita with her intention to help us learn so easily – using the oils and brain gym techniques.  The whole 4–day intensive was enjoyable, even learning chemistry.  I learned even more than I expected to learn in such a short time.” – Martha Stoikos, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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What Students Say...

...About Aromatics 2: Special Body Therapy Techniques

Taught by: Hon. Dr. Sabina DeVita , Ed.D, R.N.C.P., OSJ, CBP, D.N.M.

“I really enjoyed the instructors and the wealth of information received during the course.  The comfort level or learning environment was excellent.  This course is truly worth the time and energy.” – Paul Wirkler, Garnavillo, Iowa, USA

“I was waiting for these studies for a long time.  Coming from Germany and growing up with natural medicine is my daily life.  I enjoyed using techniques in VitaFlex and Raindrop that heal body, mind and soul in just a beautiful, and gentle way with such high therapeutic effects.” – Monica Toedter, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

“When I signed up for this course, I thought I would be learning 'why' the oils are so powerful and 'how' to use them – which oil for which condition.  But now, I really feel that changing my occupation from working in an office to becoming a practitioner is truly a possibility for me.  I feel I learned more than I ever expected.” – Martha Stoikos, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“This course opened my eyes to a lot that I wasn't aware of re what the VitaFlex and Raindrop can do for an individual including the spiritual side.” – Vickie Hanna, Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada

“I was the demo for this class.  I have received many Raindrops, but the Raindrop session I received from Dr. Sabina DeVita during her Raindrop class was the most powerful and thorough that I have ever experienced.  It was modified, extended and personalized in a unique way that resolved and healed many issues both physical and emotional.  For a shoulder pain I had suffered all my life since childhood disappeared by the end of the session.  Thank you Dr. DeVita.  May your work flourish and grow to many thousands.” – Dr. David Stewart, Marble Hill, Montana, USA – CARE and IEWS Instructor

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What Students Say...

...About Aromatics 3: Psycho–spiritual Aromas & Emotions

Taught by: Hon. Dr. Sabina DeVita , Ed.D, R.N.C.P., OSJ, CBP, D.N.M.

“I liked how the first day lecture was and the rest was just for hands on learning.  This was a really profound subject.  It was really interesting to experience a session first hand.  I was taken by surprise when a release took place – very powerful.” – Jason Quitt, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“I feel this course was absolutely wonderful.  It gave me so much needed tools I needed to help me in life.” – Paul Wirkler, Garnavillo, Iowa, USA

“This was a wonderful experience both as a learning experience and as a self transformative one.  What I liked the most was to experience the emotional release.” – Lynne Anne Gallaway, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“I was very happy with the course.  I feel it's important to experience this type of work on all levels, which we all did.  Excellent!!!” – Joanne Pearce, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

“There's not one thing I can say that I liked the most, Dr. DeVita.  Every part was an amazing learning experience for me.  The knowledge imparted by you, the hands–on part where we all experienced receiving and facilitating an emotional clearing session were all amazing.” – Martha Stoikos, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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What Students Say...

...About Aromatics 4: Spiritual Healing

Taught by: Hon. Dr. Sabina DeVita , Ed.D, R.N.C.P., OSJ, CBP, D.N.M.

“There was so much info that we could have easily went on for a couple more days.  Learning the different anointing methods and applying them to everyone gave us all a closer deeper connection.  You offered different levels of wisdom you can't just get anywhere.” – Jason Quitt, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“The unity of heart and mind – wow – the truths that were revealed – that God is within me and I am an instrument of God's peace, forever.  Come and be blessed forever.  Experience life in a new realm.” – Sylvia Petker, Port Rowan, Ontario, Canada

“I liked everything.  This course took me out of my box more than ever before.  Thank you.” – Claudia Wirkler, Garnavillo, Iowa, USA

“This course opened up a new level of thinking – it broadened my horizons.  It opened my eyes as to many other things to look at in expanding my horizons.  It is fantastic!  I would recommend this course for everyone.” – Paul Winkler, Garnavillo, Iowa, USA

“This course was beyond my expectations.  Things that I questioned for many years and had intuitive feelings about were brought to an understandable level.  Thanks so much for your knowledge, love and support, Dr. DeVita.” – Emma Harner, Lansing, New York, USA

“The direct experience of opening my heart to love of the divine was profoundly supportive and transformative.  This course is a must for anyone who loves the oils and is committed to their spiritual growth.  It is a gift that will last 'Forever'.” – Dr. Lucille Necas MD., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“This course made me open up and look inside me.  It was more than I expected.  I had no idea what I wanted when I started the class.” – Donald Harner, Lansing, New York, USA

“I loved how Dr. DeVita and Dr. Stewart gave us sooo much information – (biblical teachings and the ancient mystery school teachings), which expanded our knowledge to allow us to evolve 'spiritually' within the span of 3 days at an incredibly fast rate.  This course is a must!!!” – Martha Stoikos, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“This course was extremely enlightening and allowed a tremendous transformation in my understanding and personal growth.  This class will allow you to grow beyond what you can imagine.  This will empower you to remember who you really are and allow you to go after your hearts desire!” – Joanne Pearce, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

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What Students Say...

...About Aromatics 5: Aromatic Facial Contouring

Taught by: Hon. Dr. Sabina DeVita , Ed.D, R.N.C.P., OSJ, CBP, D.N.M.

“What I like the most is the fact that I learned, as in all the classes, more than I expected.  I did like the hands–on in this class.  Thank you again for showing me how to love myself in one more way.  I will pass this love on.” – Claudia Wirkler, Iowa, USA

“I loved the holistic emphasis from the spiritual to emotional–cognitive to the physical.  Directly performing the facial and receiving it was both Divine!  This is not to be missed for anyone interested in practicing energy medicine.” – Dr. Lucille Necas ,Toronto, Canada

“This class encompassed the complete body, mind, & spirit, not just the face. I really enjoyed learning the energy techniques & the testing to make each treatment really personal for every client.” – Joanne Pearce, Mississauga, Canada

“This is a wonderful course.  A whole new concept for facials and a wonderful experience.” – Lynne Anne Gallaway, Ontario Canada

“For someone coming into this field with no prior knowledge, it went far beyond my needs.  I am happy I took the opportunity to attend this class.” – Jason Quitt, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“The course presented much more knowledge than what I expected.  It was over and above what I thought it was going to be like.  This course is not your usual facial or esthetic knowledge.” – Joan Mailing, Brantford, Ontario, Canada

“This course teaches so much more than your ordinary facial technique.  It incorporated ayurvedic, Chinese acupressure and Vita Flex to deliver a total body treatment, rejuvenating and revitalizing, not only to the face, but also to the spirit.” – Martha Stoikos, Ontario, Canada

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