IEWS Endorsements

From Dr. Gary Young

GaryYoung.pngIEWS was honored, as well as being one of the only schools, to receive an endorsement from the President and Founder of Young Living Essential Oils.

Dr. Gary Young gave IEWS a magnificent endorsement about its Aromatic Program at a recent Health Expo in Toronto, April 1st/2nd 2006.

“Folks save your money ... I want to commend these folks - Sabina and Geoff - (Director and Co-Director of the school) for what they've created and for what they are doing in North America, period!  That is - for putting together the first accredited school program that will be teaching aromatic practitioners and giving you a certificate that is backed by your Federal (Canadian) government (registered as a private recognized education institution by Human Resources and Social Development Canada).

And they are teaching Gary's method.  Techniques that I've taught them will be the techniques taught in their school ....  I thank the Directors of the School for the honor (of being the senior advisor for their school) to participate in a small way for this school.

Sabina has a desire to do it the right way.  That's what she has done ...  It's the First federally accredited aromatherapy program (teaching all 3 systems - French, British and German that has been taught by Gary Young over the last 15 years) except we're not calling it that - we're calling it aromatic sciences - in North America.” - Hon. D. Gary Young, N.D., OSJ

From Dr. Konstantin G. Korotkov

KonstantinK.pngDear friends and colleagues,

It's with great pleasure and relief to be able to announce finally to all participants of the 10th International Congress "Science, Information, and Spirit" held in Saint-Petersburg, Russia in July 2006, that I've received confirmation of the Canadian Federal Approval for the Human Energy Field educational program there.  This became possible due to the long-lasting efforts and tremendous energy of our dear colleague and friend Dr. Sabina DeVita.  Her institution - IEWS - became the first in world private institution which offers students Federally Approved Diploma program which gives a recognized designation as a Human Energy Field Practitioner that includes the training and uses of the electro-photonic GDV Kirlian technique.

This is a great support and achievement for the International Union of Medical and Applied Bioelectrography as it allows all the members of this Union to get the higher level of knowledge and understanding and eventually achieve a higher level of appreciation in their own countries. 

We wish the great success to the IEWS and hope that the efforts of its founders will be reimbursed due to the next stage of exploration and understanding of the mysterious qualities of the Human Energy Fields.

Dr. Konstantin G. Korotkov,

President of the International Union of Medical and Applied Bioelectrography,
Deputy Director of Saint-Petersburg State Research Institute of Sport,
Professor of Saint-Petersburg State University "SPITMO" (Russia), and
Member of the Editorial Board of the "Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine" (USA).

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